ZEGA (YUNLT) & more LED Modules Lights - 120V

These LED Modules use 120 Volts AC direct input.  It is also called Driverless Engine as it does not require any LED driver. It is the best solution for the replacement of the light engine rather than buying the whole fixture.  These 120V LED Modules come in the Linear series, puck series, Disc series, Ring Series, and so on.  It is a simpler and more reliable solution for general lighting with 120VAC direct input. Explore our website for various sizes and shapes of LED light engines.

Due to variations in size and brightness collecting all types is impossible, You may choose the size first and brightness by calculating 80Lumen / watt.

Zega lumen is in the middle of part number Like

xx-0x-000-X30-120-X1        (000 is Lumen).

The installation hole may not be matched with yours, You may need to modify the hole on your fixture. 

Click on "Advanced Search Button" to access a list of the ZEGA (YUNLT) LED Modules along with crucial information. By clicking on the SKU (last column), you will be directed to the product page. Furthermore, you can download the Product List to use it for your reference.