Constant Current (CC) Dimmable Drivers

Constant current dimmable LED drivers are used for LED lights that require a fixed output current as well as a variety of output voltages. Constant current LED drivers have dimming capabilities and must be dimmed with an external dimmer. Constant current drivers come in a variety of configurations, including 0-10V dimming constant current LED drivers, Dali dimming constant current LED drivers, Triac dimming constant current LED drivers, Programmable current, and Selectable current. We offer a wide range of mA from 120mA to 300mA, input voltages from 100-120V and 110-277V, wattages ranging from 9W to 98W, and output voltages ranging from 2V to 55V. We provide leading manufacturers of constant current LED drivers such as Mean Well, ES, Antron LED Drivers, and others.