Constant Current Dimmable LED Drivers

Constant Current Dimmable LED Drivers are advanced power supply solutions engineered to deliver precise and dependable current output for LED lighting systems. These drivers offer a versatile array of dimming options and current control features, making them adaptable to a multitude of applications and lighting demands. They encompass various types, each tailored to specific requirements:

0-10V Dimming LED Driver: These drivers employ the 0-10V dimming protocol to regulate the brightness of connected LEDs. Users can effortlessly adjust light intensity and craft personalized lighting scenes when paired with compatible dimming controls.

DALI Dimming LED Driver: Designed to work with the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol, these drivers grant precise and individualized control over each LED luminaire. DALI dimming unlocks advanced dimming capabilities and seamless integration with DALI control systems, optimizing lighting performance.

Programmable Current LED Driver, Selectable Current LED Driver, Single Current LED Driver, and Triac Dimming LED Driver offer further customization options, ranging from programmable current settings to multiple output current choices and compatibility with standard phase-cut dimmers.

Our Constant Current Dimmable LED Drivers span a current output range of 180mA to 3000mA, ensuring meticulous control and compatibility across a broad spectrum of LED luminaires. They also accommodate a diverse input voltage range, from 100V to 277V, enabling seamless integration into various electrical systems and environments. With maximum wattages ranging from 3W to 98W, these drivers provide robust support for a wide array of LED lighting configurations and power requirements.

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