Constant Current Non-Dimmable LED Driver

Our constant current non-dimmable LED drivers are specifically designed to provide a reliable and stable power source for LED lighting systems that require a constant current output. These drivers are available in two different types: plug-in drivers and single current drivers, offering flexibility and ease of installation.

The plug-in drivers are convenient and user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy installation. They come with a standard plug that can be directly plugged into a compatible power outlet, eliminating the need for additional wiring or complicated installation processes. This makes them suitable for retrofit applications or situations where flexibility and portability are desired.

The single current drivers are designed for permanent installations and offer a more versatile solution for a wider range of LED lighting applications. These drivers require hardwiring to the electrical system and are typically mounted within an electrical enclosure or junction box. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, providing reliable power to LED lighting fixtures in various environments.

Our constant current LED drivers offer a range of output current options, from 250mA to 1000mA. This allows you to select the appropriate driver based on the specific current requirements of your LED lighting system. The maximum wattage of our constant current LED drivers ranges from 8W to 45W, providing ample power for different LED lighting setups. This ensures compatibility with a variety of LED fixtures, including high-power LED modules, strip lights, downlights, and more.