ES LD020H-VU08324-15 Non-Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Driver, 24V 20W 830mA

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Product Description 

Model LD020H-VU08324-15
Input Voltage 100-240V AC
Input Current 0.25A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 24V DC
Output Regulated Current 0.83A
Output Power 20W max
Dimmable No
IP Rating IP20
Class Certification Class 2/ Class II
Dimensions 83 x 53 x 32mm (3.26 x 2.08 x 1.26 in)
Short Circuit and Overload Protected
Suitable for dry and damp locations


The ES LD020H-VU08324-15 Constant Voltage LED Driver is a reliable and high-quality power supply designed to provide a steady and efficient source of power to LED lighting systems. The device has a model number of LD020H-VU08324-15 and an input voltage range of 100-240V AC with an input current of 0.25A and a frequency of 50/60Hz.

The device delivers a maximum output power of 20W, with a regulated output current of 0.83A and an output voltage of 24V DC. It is not dimmable and has an IP20 rating, making it suitable for indoor use. The LED driver is also Class 2/Class II certified, indicating that it is designed for use with low voltage LED lighting fixtures.

This LED driver is suitable for use in dry and damp locations, providing versatility in various indoor LED lighting applications. Overall, the ES LD020H-VU08324-15 Constant Voltage LED Driver is a dependable and efficient power supply suitable for various indoor LED lighting projects that require a constant voltage source.


  • Reliable and high-quality power supply
  • Input voltage range of 100-240V AC, input current of 0.25A, and frequency of 50/60Hz
  • Maximum output power of 20W
  • Regulated output current of 0.83A and output voltage of 24V DC
  • Not dimmable and IP20 rated for indoor use
  • Class 2/Class II certified for low voltage LED lighting fixtures
  • Compact dimensions of 83 x 53 x 32mm (3.26 x 2.08 x 1.26 in) for easy installation in tight spaces
  • Short circuit and overload protected for safe and reliable operation
  • Suitable for use in dry and damp locations
  • Ideal for various indoor LED lighting applications requiring a constant voltage source.

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