Outdoor LED Strip Lights (Waterproof)

Experience the ultimate in outdoor lighting with our waterproof LED strip lights. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and manufactured using high-quality materials, our strip lights are designed to meet the demands of professional lighting applications. We understand that different projects require different voltage options, which is why we offer our outdoor LED strip lights in 12V, 24V, and 120V configurations. This versatility allows you to choose the voltage that aligns with your installation requirements.

With a range of wattage options from 0.2W/ft to 3W/ft, you can achieve the perfect balance between energy efficiency and desired illumination levels. Whether you need subtle accent lighting or bright, vibrant illumination, our LED strip lights have the power to bring your vision to life. To cater to diverse design preferences, our strip lights come in varying widths ranging from 8mm to 15mm. 

Choose the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space with our wide selection of color temperatures. From warm hues like 1500K, 2200K, and 2700K, to neutral tones like 3000K and 4000K, and cool shades like 5000K and 6000K, we have the ideal lighting options to create the atmosphere you desire. Additionally, we also offer vibrant color options including blue, green, red, yellow, and RGB for captivating lighting effects.