Triac Dimming Constant Current LED Drivers

Triac Dimming Constant Current LED Drivers are specialized power supply devices designed to provide reliable and efficient illumination for LED lighting systems that require a constant current output. These drivers offer the convenience of Triac dimming, allowing for seamless control of the connected LEDs' brightness levels.

Our Triac Dimming Constant Current LED Drivers are available in two different types: selectable current and single current.

  1. Selectable Current: The selectable current drivers offer flexibility by allowing you to choose the desired output current level. This feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of LED luminaires that have different current requirements. You can conveniently adjust the output current to match the specific needs of your LED lighting system.

  2. Single Current: The single current drivers provide a fixed output current, ensuring consistent and precise illumination for LED fixtures that require a specific current level. These drivers are suitable for applications where a constant and unchanging current is preferred.

These LED drivers have an input voltage range of 100-120V, making them compatible with standard electrical systems. This voltage range ensures easy integration into various residential, commercial, or industrial environments.

The output current options for our Triac Dimming Constant Current LED Drivers range from 190mA to 2000mA. This range allows you to choose the appropriate current level that matches the requirements of your LED lighting fixtures, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Our drivers are designed to provide stable and reliable power to the connected LEDs, ensuring consistent illumination without flickering or fluctuations. They are built with advanced protection features such as over-current protection and over-temperature protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation.