ES LD009D-CA02242-27 Constant Current LED Driver, 220mA 36-42V 9.24W max

ES LED Driver

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Product Description 

Product Constant Current LED Driver
Model LD009D-CA02242-27
Input Voltage 120V AC
Input Power Factor P.F>0.9 
Frequency 60Hz
Output Regulated Current 220mA
Output Power 9.24W
Output Voltage 36-42V DC
Dimmable Yes
Dimensions Dia 60mm (2.4 in) x 28mm (1.15 in) Depth
Class Certification Class II


Constant current dimmable LED drivers are used for LED lights that require a fixed output current as well as a variety of output voltages. ES LD009D-CA02242-27 Dimming LED Constant Current Driver (Constant Current Power Supply) Suitable for lighting with 220mA output regulated current. This class 2 constant current driver has Input Voltage of 120V AC, can produce 36-42V DC output voltage and 9.24W of output power. It is suitable for operation with main supply dimmer and also suitable for dry and damp locations. 
Note: Never use constant voltage driver instead of constant current driver, even if Voltage and mA are equal. 

How to Install ES LD009D-CA02242-27 Dimming Constant Current LED Driver?

It is easy to Install constant current power supply, by following these steps, 

1. Make sure power is off.
2. Double check output current of the light and the driver.
3. Blue and Brown color wires will be connected to 120V AC by splice the Blue color wire to Neutral (N) and the Brown color Wire to Line (L).
4. Splice Red color wire to the positive (+) wire of the light and Black wire to the negative (-) wire of the light as well.

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