RGBW LED Controller Amplifier High Speed Power 5-24V 8A/Channel for RGBW lights

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Product Description

Product LED Controller
Output Voltage
5-24V DC
Output Power max < 384W for 12V and 768W for 24V
Control channels (CH) 4 Channels (RGBW)
Output Current 32A (8A/CH) Max 
Static Power Consumption 0.84W
High Speed 1 Mbit/s
Body Color Black
Working temperature -20~60°
Delay Time 20 NS
IP Rating IP20
Dimensions 147 x 74 x 34.5mm (5.8 x 2.9 x 1.35 in)
Suitable lights RGBW LED
Connection Mode Common Anode



  • Useful device when there are multiple power supplies or when the capacity of an RGBW controller has exceeded, this RGBW signal amplifier allows you to keep extending the signal from a single controller to all RGBW LED  strips.
  • This high-Speed Amplifier helps in connecting longer lengths of the led strip without worrying about voltage drop.
  • Different controllers can work with a single amplifier.
  • It also helps in joining different lengths of RGBW led strips and harmonize the same color throughout the strips with the help of the controller.
  • With this device, you can control an unlimited number of RGBW strips/ lights using a single controller. However, The power should not exceed more than the rated output power.

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