ES Constant Voltage  Plug In Power Supply 12V 830mA 10W

ES LD-PI8312AF Constant Voltage Plug-In Power Supply, 12V 830mA 10W

ES LED Driver

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Product Description 

Model LD-PI8312AF
Input Voltage 100 - 240V AC
Input Current 0.22A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output Current 830mA
Output Power 10W max
Dimmable No
IP Rating IP20 (Indoor use only)
Wire Length 6 feet
Class Certification Class 2/ Class II


The ES LD-PI8312AF is a constant voltage plug-in power supply designed for indoor use only. It features an input voltage range of 100 - 240V AC, with an input current of 0.22A and frequency of 50/60Hz. The output voltage is 12V DC, with an output current of 830mA and a maximum output power of 10W.

The LD-PI8312AF is not dimmable and has an IP rating of IP20, making it suitable for use in indoor environments. The power supply comes equipped with a plug and a 6 feet cable, providing convenience and flexibility in installation.

The LD-PI8312AF is Class 2/Class II certified, ensuring high-quality standards and safe operation. Overall, the ES LD-PI8312AF plug-in power supply is a reliable and efficient option for powering various low-voltage LED lighting applications.


  • Constant voltage plug-in power supply for indoor use
  • Input voltage range of 100 - 240V AC, input current of 0.22A, and frequency of 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage of 12V DC, output current of 830mA, and maximum output power of 10W
  • Not dimmable and IP20 rated for indoor environments
  • Equipped with a plug and a 6 feet cable for convenience and flexibility in installation
  • Class 2/Class II certified for high-quality standards and safe operation
  • Suitable for various low-voltage LED lighting applications
  • The product is equipped with  Plug and a 6 feet cable.
  • Plug-In Power Supply


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