Thermal Grease Paste YJ-G190

Silicone Thermal Grease Paste


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It helps the electrical appliance to lower thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. Moreover, it increases the performance of electronic instruments, meters, and other electrical devices.

Product Description 

Model No YJ-G190
Main Raw Material
Thermal Resistance <0.225℃ -in²/W
Operation Temperature(Peak) -30~300°C
Thermal Conductivity >1.90W/m-k
Gravity >2.0g/cm3
Moment Bore Temperature -50~300°C



  • It has high-Grade stability And reliability.
  • It is widely popular in CPU, VGA, chipset, radiator, and other PC components.
  • It helps in reducing heat from the CPU for an effective heatsink.
  • It provides Low thermal resistance and high conductivity for better heat transfer.
  • It has high-temperature resistance, is Non-toxic, and Non-Volatile in nature.