Single Head Door Trigger (IR) Sensor Switch Type 2


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Tags: sensor

Product Description

Model DS1013
Voltage 12~24V DC
Max Load 60W Max
Direction Distance 6-10cm
Wire Length 6ft (58in)
Dimensions 23.71 x 12.22 x 13.96mm(0.93 x 0.48 x 055in)



  • Infrared sensor detection of lights when the door opens and closes.
  • The wire and the controller are connected by a buckle, convenient for easy replacement
  • Suitable for both recessed (Drilling a hole of 12mm size) and surface mount installations (using holder)
  • It has a hidden sensor lens.
  • It is a small infrared sensor that detects moving objects like doors, drawers, cabinets, etc., and switches LED lighting ON/OFF.

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