R7BB0227 Wall mounting Landscape light, 24V 19.7W 3000K(Warm White)

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Product Description

Product Landscape Wall light/ Spotlight
Model R7BB0227
Voltage 24V DC
Power Consumption 19.7W
Color Temperature 3000K (Warm White)
Glass 6mm Tempered Glass
Lens Optical Reflector Efficiency ≥85%
Light Source 2 x 8W LEDs
IP Rating IP65 (Suitable for Wet Locations)
Operating Temperature -20°C~40°C
Wire Size 350mm (13.7in)
Dimensions Diameter - 76mm (3in)
Length - 173mm (6.8in)
Height - 109mm (4.3in)


The R7BB0227 Wall Mounting Landscape Light is a testament to energy efficiency and safety, operating at a reliable 24V DC. This design choice not only reduces energy consumption but also ensures a secure outdoor lighting solution. Consuming a mere 19.7W of power, this luminaire excels in delivering potent illumination while maintaining an eco-conscious profile. Its gentle, 3000K Warm White color temperature casts a soothing glow, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance in your outdoor environment, setting the stage for cozy evenings, pathways, or accentuated architectural features.

Incorporating a robust 6mm tempered glass construction, this landscape light prioritizes resilience and protection against various outdoor elements. Moreover, its optical reflector, with an efficiency exceeding 85%, optimizes light distribution, minimizing waste and ensuring every nook and cranny of your outdoor space is beautifully illuminated. By harnessing the brilliance of two 8W LEDs, this fixture offers a harmonious blend of powerful illumination and energy efficiency. Its formidable IP65 rating certifies its suitability for wet locations, making it well-equipped to withstand challenging outdoor conditions year-round. Operating reliably within a temperature range of -20°C to 40°C, this landscape light is adaptable to various climates. With a thoughtful 350mm (13.7in) 18AWG wire, it simplifies installation and connection, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.


  • Operates at 24V DC for energy efficiency and safety.
  • Consumes only 19.7W of power while delivering powerful illumination.
  • Emits a soothing 3000K (Warm White) color temperature, ideal for creating a welcoming outdoor atmosphere.
  • Features 6mm tempered glass for resilience and protection against outdoor elements.
  • Equipped with an optical reflector boasting an efficiency of over 85% to maximize light distribution.
  • Utilizes two 8W LEDs, providing brilliant illumination while being energy-efficient.
  • Boasts an IP65 rating, suitable for wet locations, ensuring it can withstand challenging outdoor conditions.
  • Operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°C, suitable for various climates.
  • Comes with a 350mm (13.7in) 18AWG wire, simplifying installation and connection.
  • With dimensions of 76mm (3in) in diameter, 173mm (6.8in) in length, and 109mm (4.3in) in height, it seamlessly combines elegance with high-quality components.

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