7 inch Dimmable Recessed LED Downlight / Ceiling Light 120V 10W 3000K(Warm White)

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Product Description

Product LED Downlight / Ceiling Light 
Model LT-US-E710W2308-01
Voltage 120V
Wattage 10W
Frequency 60Hz
Color Temperature 3000K (Warm White)
Brightness 700 Lumens
Dimmable Yes
Rendering Index CRI80
Dimensions ø 185mm (7.3in)
Depth 45mm (1.7in)
Wire Size 120mm (4.7in)


The 7 inch Dimmable Recessed LED Downlight / Ceiling Light is a high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solution that provides ample illumination for a variety of indoor spaces. The model number is LT-US-E710W2308-01.

This LED downlight operates at a voltage of 120V and has a wattage of 10W, making it an energy-efficient lighting option that can help you save money on your electricity bill. The frequency is 60Hz, which is the standard frequency for most electrical systems in North America.

The color temperature of this LED downlight is 3000K, which is a warm white color that is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home or office. It has a brightness of 700 lumens, which provides ample illumination for most indoor spaces.

This LED downlight is UL certified, which means it has been tested and certified to meet strict safety and performance standards. Overall, the 7 inch Dimmable Recessed LED Downlight / Ceiling Light is a reliable and versatile lighting solution that provides energy-efficient and high-quality illumination for a variety of indoor spaces.


  • Energy-efficient LED downlight with 10W power consumption
  • Warm white 3000K color temperature with a brightness of 700 lumens
  • Dimmable capability compatible with most standard dimmer switches
  • CRI80 rendering index for high color accuracy
  • Compact and unobtrusive design with 185mm (7.3in) diameter and 45mm (1.7in) depth
  • UL certified for safety and performance standards
  • Suitable for surface-mount installation in a standard junction box
  • Frequency of 60Hz and voltage of 120V for standard North American electrical systems

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