7W Constant Current COB LED Chip 3000K(Warm White)

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Product Description

Product Constant Current LED Module
Voltage 21V
Wattage 7W
 Current 350mA 
Color Temperature 3000K (Warm White)
Thermal Grease We will include thermal grease to cover the quantity of LED modules ordered.
Dimensions Ø20.8mm x H2.5mm (0.8 x 0.1in)
Light Source Diameter Ø11.69mm (0.45in)

The 7W Constant Current COB LED Chip  3000K (Warm White) is an LED module that produces a cool white light with a color temperature of 3000K (Warm White). It requires a voltage of 21V, a current of 350mA, and has a wattage of 7W. The dimensions of the module are Ø20.8mm x 2.5mm (0.8 x 0.1in), and the diameter of the light source is Ø11.69mm (0.45in).

This LED module is designed for low power consumption and high energy efficiency, making it an environmentally friendly lighting option. The package includes HY510 Thermal Grease, which helps to enhance thermal conductivity and improve the efficiency of heat dissipation.

This LED module can be used as a replacement for damaged LEDs in fixtures with the same voltage and wattage. It is also a good DIY product for those who want to create their own LED lighting fixtures.


  • Produces cool white light with 3000K color temperature
  • Requires 21V voltage and 350mA current, with a wattage of 7W
  • Module dimensions are Ø20.8mm x 2.5mm (0.8 x 0.1in) and light source diameter is Ø11.69mm (0.45in)
  • Designed for low power consumption and high energy efficiency
  • Package includes HY510 Thermal Grease to enhance thermal conductivity
  • Can replace damaged LEDs in fixtures with the same voltage and wattage
  • Suitable for DIY projects in creating LED lighting fixtures
  • Use Thermal Grease or Thermal Pad for installation.

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