Dim to Warm LED Module 3.5W 24V PWM dimming 1800-3500K

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Product Description 

Product Constant Voltage LED Module
Input Voltage 24V DC
Wattage 3.5W
Color Temperature Dim to Warm
Wire Size  30cm (11.8in)
Dimmable  Yes (PWM dimming)
Rendering Index CRI90
Thermal Grease We will include thermal grease to cover the quantity of LED modules ordered.
Dimensions Ø 30.5mm (1.2in)
1mm (0.04in)


Introducing our Dim to Warm LED Module, a revolutionary lighting solution designed to elevate your space with dynamic ambiance. This Constant Voltage LED Module introduces a seamless dimming experience, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the color temperature, ranging from a warm and cozy 1800K to a brighter and invigorating 3500K.

The Dim to Warm feature of this LED module offers a broad spectrum of color temperatures, enabling you to curate the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you seek a warm and relaxing atmosphere or a brighter, more energetic setting, the PWM dimming capability ensures precise control over the lighting intensity.

With a low wattage of 3.5W and a constant voltage of 24V DC, this LED module strikes an optimal balance between energy efficiency and vibrant illumination. The included 30cm wire, crafted from durable 22AWG material, provides flexibility during installation. Additionally, the package includes Thermal Grease HY510 (5gr), enhancing the module's thermal performance and extending its operational lifespan.


  • Effortlessly adjust the color temperature from 1800K to 3500K for dynamic ambiance.
  • Broad spectrum of color temperatures for the perfect atmosphere, from warm and cozy to bright and invigorating
  • .Ensure precise control over lighting intensity for various moods and settings.
  • Operates at a low 3.5W wattage and constant 24V DC voltage for a balance of energy efficiency and vibrant illumination.
  • 30cm wire with durable 22AWG material allows flexibility during installation.
  • Use Thermal Grease or Thermal Pad for installation.


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