VBD-024-300VTHWJ Triac Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Driver, 24V 12.5A 300W


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Product Description

Model VBD-024-300VTHWJ
Input Voltage 100 – 277V AC
Input Current 3.4A
Frequency 47/63Hz
Power Factor 0.95
Output Voltage 24V DC
Output regulated Current 12.5A
Output Power 300W max
Dimmable: Yes (Phase/ Triac/ Magnetic Low Voltage Dimming)
Class Certification Class P Type HL/ SELV
IP Rating IP65 (Outdoor Rated)
Dimensions (Without Box) 254 x 77.5 x 45.5mm (10 x 3 x 1.8 in)
Dimensions (Box) 440 x 86 x 59.4mm (17.31 x 3.38 x 2.34 in)
Compatible with Forward-Phase, Magnetic low Voltage, ELV & Triac dimmers.
Suitable for Dry, Damp, and Wet locations.



The VBD-024-300VTHWJ Triac Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Driver Model is a high-power LED driver designed for use in LED lighting systems. It operates with an input voltage range of 100 – 277V AC and an input current of 3.4A, with a frequency range of 47/63Hz. The power factor of this LED driver is 0.95, indicating high energy efficiency.

This model provides a regulated output voltage of 24V DC, with a maximum output power of 300W. The output regulated current of this LED driver is 12.5A, making it suitable for powering a variety of high-power LED lights.

The VBD-024-300VTHWJ LED driver is designed with Triac dimming capability, which allows for greater flexibility in controlling the brightness of LED lights. It also has the capability for Phase and Magnetic Low Voltage dimming, making it suitable for a variety of different lighting systems.

This LED driver is designed to be used in outdoor environments, with an IP65 rating. This makes it suitable for use in locations where it may be exposed to moisture, dust, or other outdoor elements.

The dimensions of this LED driver are 254 x 77.5 x 45.5mm (10 x 3 x 1.8 in) without the box, and 440 x 86 x 59.4mm (17.31 x 3.38 x 2.34 in) with the box. Additionally, it has Class P Type HL/ SELV certification, which indicates that it meets certain safety standards for use in hazardous locations, and UL Listed certification, which is a safety certification for electrical products in North America.

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