White Silicone Flexible LED Neon channel VBD-N0612-SD-W, per foot(30.5cm) SIDE Mount

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Channel (With LED Strip - Without LED Light):
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Product Description 

Product Flexible LED Neon Channels
Model VBD-N0612-SD-W
(Side Mount)
Material Silicone 
Diffuser Color White
Fixture color Finish White
Dimensions (neon channel) H 12mm x W 6mm (H 0.47in x W 0.2in)
Maximum Length 10 Meter (32.8ft)
Voltage 24V DC
Wattage 3.5w/ft
Cut size Every 7 LED chips (1.63")
Available Color Temperatures 2700K (Soft White) --> SKU: 666561433147
3000K (Warm White) --> SKU: 666561433154
3500K (Mid-Warm White) --> SKU: 666561433161
4000K (Natural White) --> SKU: 666561433178
5000K (Daylight) --> SKU: 666561433185
  • Mounting Clips
  • Flexible Clips 
  • Linear Mounting
EXTRA Accessories (Sold Separately) End caps: VBD-EN0612-W
SKU: 666561432997
Mounting Clips: VBD-CLN0612-MC
SKU: 666561432973
Flexible Clips: VBD-CLN0612-FC
SKU: 666561432959
Linear Mounting: VBD-CLN0612-LI
SKU: 666561432966

The White Silicone Flexible LED Neon channel, model VBD-N0612-SD-W, offers a sleek and modern solution for illuminating spaces with its unique design and flexible capabilities. Crafted from durable silicone material, this LED channel is designed to deliver both functional and aesthetic lighting effects. The diffuser and fixture color are both black, ensuring a seamless integration into various environments.

This LED channel stands out for its compatibility with a wide range of LED strips, allowing you to choose the color temperature that best suits your design and lighting requirements. Whether you need a continuous glow for straight runs or desire to accentuate curved surfaces, this flexible aluminum channel is designed to meet your lighting demands. Its elegant and modern appearance ensures it blends seamlessly into various interior applications.


  • Sleek, flexible design for modern space illumination.
  • Durable silicone construction for functional and aesthetic lighting effects.
  • Seamless integration with White diffuser and fixture color.
  • Versatile mounting options: clips, flexible clips, linear mounting.
  • Wide LED compatibility for preferred color temperatures.
  • Adaptable for straight runs or curved surfaces.
  • Elegant, modern appearance for various interior applications.
  • Ideal for both functional and decorative lighting in linear or curved setups.

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