Triac Dimming Constant Voltage LED Driver

Triac Dimming Constant Voltage LED Drivers are essential components designed to provide reliable power supply and seamless dimming control for LED lighting systems. These drivers are specifically tailored for applications where Triac dimmers are used to adjust the brightness of the connected LED fixtures. Operating within an input voltage range of 100V to 277V, these drivers offer compatibility with a wide range of electrical systems and voltages commonly found in both residential and commercial settings. 

The output voltage options available for Triac Dimming Constant Voltage LED Drivers are 12V and 24V, catering to various low-voltage LED lighting requirements. Whether you need to power 12V or 24V LED strips, modules, or other constant voltage LED luminaires, these drivers provide a stable and precise output voltage to ensure optimal performance. With a wattage range from 12W to 300W, these drivers are capable of accommodating a wide variety of LED lighting setups and power demands.