Auto Constant Current(CC) - Constant Voltage(CV) LED Drivers

Auto Constant Current (CC) - Constant Voltage (CV) LED drivers are electronic devices designed to regulate the flow of current to an LED lighting system. They provide a constant current source to the LEDs, which helps to maintain a consistent level of light output. This also helps to protect the LEDs from overloading, which can cause damage to the diodes.

When an LED is operating in the constant current mode, the driver adjusts the voltage to maintain a constant level of current, even as the voltage across the LED changes. This ensures that the LED operates at a constant brightness, even as the voltage changes due to variations in temperature or other factors.

In the constant voltage mode, the driver provides a constant voltage to the LED, and adjusts the current to maintain a constant level of voltage. This is often used in applications where the LED is being powered from a DC voltage source, and the current needs to be regulated to maintain a constant level of brightness.

Auto CC-CV LED drivers can switch between constant current and constant voltage modes automatically, depending on the voltage and current requirements of the LED system. This makes them a flexible and versatile solution for LED lighting applications, as they can be used in a wide range of applications, from small indoor lighting to large outdoor lighting systems.