Paragon LED Module Lights

Paragon LED Module Lights are a versatile lighting solution available in 120V and 347V options. With a wattage range from 4W to 30W, these lights provide a wide variety of lighting options to suit different applications. They offer different color temperatures to create the desired ambiance, including 2700K (soft white), 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white), and 5000K (daylight).

These module lights utilize COB (Chip On Board) LED technology, which involves packaging multiple LED chips together in a single lighting module. This design allows for a compact and efficient lighting solution. The COB technology provides a high-quality and uniform light output, ensuring excellent illumination in various settings.

The Paragon LED Module Lights come with different lumen options ranging from 280 lumens to 3300 lumens. This wide range of lumen outputs allows for flexibility in choosing the right level of brightness for specific lighting applications.

COB technology offers several advantages, including improved energy efficiency, reduced heat generation, and enhanced durability. By combining multiple LED chips in a single module, the lights achieve higher efficiency and produce less heat compared to traditional LED solutions. This technology also enhances the longevity and reliability of the lights.

Whether you need lighting for residential or commercial spaces, Paragon LED Module Lights provide an energy-efficient and high-performance solution. With their versatility in voltage, wattage, color temperature, and lumen output, these lights can meet a wide range of lighting requirements and create a pleasant and well-illuminated environment.

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