Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Drivers

Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Drivers are tailored power supply solutions designed exclusively for LED lighting systems. We offer a diverse selection of dimming drivers to accommodate various dimming methods and lighting applications:

  1. 0-10V Dimming Power Supply: This driver employs the 0-10V dimming protocol to control LED brightness. Compatible with 0-10V dimmers or control systems, it grants users the ability to effortlessly adjust light intensity and craft customized lighting scenes.

  2. 5-in-1 Power Supply: Our 5-in-1 LED drivers provide exceptional flexibility, supporting multiple dimming methods like 0-10V, PWM, resistance-based dimming, DALI, and triac dimming in a single unit. Users can choose the most suitable dimming technique for their specific lighting needs.

  3. DALI Dimming: Utilizing the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol, these drivers seamlessly integrate with DALI control systems, allowing precise control of each LED luminaire for optimized lighting performance.

  4. Magnetic LED Driver: Magnetic LED drivers employ magnetic components to regulate output voltage and current. They offer reliable and efficient power conversion, ensuring stable and consistent illumination while maintaining a compact design.

  5. Triac Dimming LED Driver: Compatible with standard phase-cut dimmers, our Triac dimming LED drivers simplify dimming control using existing wiring infrastructure, making them ideal for residential and commercial environments.

Our Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Drivers support a broad input voltage range, from 100V to 347V, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems. The maximum wattage varies among driver types, spanning from 12W to 300W, providing flexibility to power LED lighting setups of various sizes and power requirements.

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