Constant Voltage LED Modules

Constant voltage LED modules are lighting systems that use a constant voltage source to drive the LEDs. These systems are commonly used in commercial and industrial lighting applications.

A constant voltage LED module operates by converting a constant voltage supply into a constant current, which is then used to drive the LED light source. This provides a stable and consistent light output, which is important in applications where the lighting quality needs to be maintained over time.

Advantages of constant voltage LED modules include:

  • Simplicity: The constant voltage power supply makes it easy to design and install the lighting system.

  • Energy efficiency: The constant current output of the LED module ensures that the LEDs are driven at the optimal operating point, which results in high energy efficiency and long life.

  • Flexibility: Constant voltage LED modules can be used with a wide range of voltage inputs, making them suitable for use in different parts of the world with different voltage supplies.

  • Cost effectiveness: The constant voltage design reduces the cost of the power supply compared to constant current designs, which can be more complex and expensive.

Overall, constant voltage LED modules offer a reliable, energy efficient, and cost-effective solution for LED lighting applications, making them a popular choice for commercial and industrial lighting projects.