8ft Black H-Type LED Track Lighting Channel VBD-0308-TCHB

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Product Description

Product LED Track Lighting Channel
Model  VBD-0308-TCHB
Dimensions 2400 x 35 x 18mm (94.4 x 1.35 x 0.7in)
LED Track Light Head (Sold Separately)
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20W White Track Light Head SKU: 666561434328
30W White Track Light Head SKU: 666561434342
12W Black Track Light Head SKU: 666561434311
20W Black Track Light Head SKU: 666561434335
30W Black Track Light Head SKU: 666561434359
Accessories (Sold Separately)

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Track Angle Joiner SKU: 666561434496
Track L Joiner SKU: 666561434434
Track T Joiner SKU: 666561434458
Track Cross Joiner SKU: 666561434472
Track Live End SKU: 666561434397
Track Floating Canopy SKU: 666561434519
Track Suspension Kit SUK: 666561434557


The VBD-0308-TCHB H-type 8ft Black track lighting channel offers versatility and functionality for a variety of indoor lighting needs. With its modern design and white finish, it seamlessly integrates into any interior decor.

Compatible with H-type track systems, this track lighting channel ensures easy installation and pairs effortlessly with a wide range of track lighting fixtures. Its stable mounting platform provides secure support, guaranteeing precise positioning and optimal illumination.

With its generous 8ft length, this track lighting channel offers ample coverage and flexibility for lighting arrangements. Whether in kitchens, living rooms, offices, or retail spaces, it delivers focused and adjustable lighting to enhance any indoor environment.


  • Versatile indoor lighting solution for various indoor applications
  • Modern design with a sleek black finish complements any interior decor
  • Compatible with H-type track systems for easy installation
  • Stable mounting platform ensures secure support and precise positioning
  • Generous 8ft length provides ample coverage and flexibility for lighting arrangements
  • Delivers focused and adjustable lighting to enhance kitchens, living rooms, offices, and retail spaces

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