Track T shape Joiner Black H-Type VBD-0336-TJB

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Product Description

Product LED Track Lighting Accessories
Model  VBD-0336-TJB
Input Voltage
120V AC
Style H-Type
Color Black
Dimensions 106 x 70 x 17mm (4.1 x 2.7 x 0.6in)
LED Track Mounting (Sold Separately) White LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434366
Black LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434373


The VBD-0336-TJB T-shape track joiner for LED track lights connects three track sections to form a T shape. These joiners have a T-shaped profile to securely link the ends of three tracks, creating a junction point where they intersect.

They ensure stable connections between the track sections, ensuring continuous electricity and light transmission. This allows for branching or intersecting track layouts, letting users customize their track lighting to fit their space's design.


  • Connects three track sections to form a T shape
  • T-shaped profile securely links the ends of three tracks
  • Creates a junction point where tracks intersect
  • Ensures stable connections for continuous electricity and light transmission
  • Allows for branching or intersecting track layouts
  • Enables customization of track lighting to fit space's design

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