Solderless Connectors for LED Strip Lighting

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Strip lighting has become so popular that we can see their applications everywhere. From decorating your bedroom with multi-color strip lights, accent lighting the interior home decor, indoor-outdoor signage, backlighting, to even making the custom designed task lighting fixtures.

But, is the installation that simple? or do you need professional help even for small projects? People try to buy the strip light kits online and try to install themselves as it comes along with the adhesive backing. Moreover, the power supply has its female connectors. However, one should know all about LED strip light connections before buying the kit. It is a bit more complicated than simply sticking the lights onto the surface.

Although soldering is the best and most durable way of connecting strip lights, it requires knowledge, patience, and experience to avoid any damage to the LED strip and not to forget the tools and materials needed (Soldering iron and Soldering wire) 


Strip light connectors are an effortless way of connecting the strips. These LED strip lights connectors help in joining one strip with another using a solderless LED strip to strip quick snap easy connector.

Additionally, they also help in connecting LED strips with wire end using solderless LED strip to wire quick snap connector.


LED strip to wire connector besides connecting LED strips to the power supply effortlessly also provide gaps if needed. For example, on the edges or corners of your projects or when you don't need the light in a few particular areas.

Note. Before connecting the lights, make sure to match the polarity of wires and the strip lights. Find our Solderless LED Strip connectors in the link. Contact us, for more assistance.

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