0-10V Dimming Constant Current LED Drivers

0-10V Dimming Constant Current LED Drivers are versatile and reliable power supply solutions designed for LED lighting applications that require precise current control and smooth dimming capabilities. These drivers provide a constant current output while allowing for 0-10V dimming control, offering flexibility and customization for various lighting installations.

Available in different types including programmable current, selectable current, and single current, these drivers offer options to meet specific requirements and preferences. Programmable current drivers allow you to adjust the output current within a specified range, providing flexibility in accommodating different LED configurations. Selectable current drivers offer preset current options, allowing you to easily switch between different current outputs. Single current drivers provide a fixed output current for applications that require a consistent current level.

The output current of these drivers ranges from 350mA to 2800mA, enabling you to power a wide range of LED fixtures with varying current requirements. Whether you're driving low-current LED strips or high-current LED arrays, these drivers deliver the precise current needed for optimal performance and longevity of the LEDs.

The wattage options for 0-10V Dimming Constant Current LED Drivers range from 10W to 150W, providing ample power capacity to support various lighting installations. From small-scale residential setups to large commercial projects, these drivers offer the necessary wattage to meet your specific requirements.