Suspended and Surface Mount Aluminum LED Channels

Our linear aluminum LED channel is a versatile and durable lighting solution designed to provide sleek and efficient illumination. This channel is specifically designed for easy installation and can be mounted using suspension cables, mounting clips, or mounting brackets, offering flexibility in how it is installed.

The aluminum construction of the LED channel ensures strength and durability while providing an attractive appearance. It is designed to accommodate LED light strips, allowing for seamless integration and creating a uniform and diffused lighting effect.

The channel provides ample coverage for various lighting applications, whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial settings. It offers a clean and professional look, making it suitable for applications such as under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, or display lighting.

With its suspension cable, mounting clips, and mounting bracket options, this LED channel offers versatile installation possibilities. It can be suspended from the ceiling using cables, securely attached to surfaces with mounting clips, or mounted to walls or other structures using mounting brackets. This adaptability allows for easy integration into different spaces and ensures a customized and precise lighting installation.