Linear Aluminum LED Channel for LED Strips 2Meters(6.5ft) VBD-CH-RF7-2


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Product Description 

* Also available in 2.4m(7.8ft), 3m(9.8ft), Custom Lengths and Custom Color.

Product LED Channel / LED Extrusion
Model VBD-CH-RF7-2
Material Aluminum
Diffuser Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Fixture color Finish Silver Grey
(Available in Custom Color)
Package content

2 meter Aluminum channel with frosted Diffuser
1 pair of Endcaps (with and without holes)

Dimensions 2000mm x 90mm x 32.18mm 
(78.7in x 3.54in x 1.26in)
EXTRA Accessories (Sold Separately) 1 pair Endcaps VBD-ENCH-RF7 SKU:666561426880
Other length options available upon request VBD-CH-RF7 (3 meters) SKU: 666561423407
VBD-CH-RF7-2.4 (2.4 meters) SKU: 666561431594

VBD-CH-RF7-2 Aluminum Channels are popular for downlighting applications like working Light and Recessed Ceiling applications. Moreover, with your desired color temperature LED strips, this linear LED profile provides versatile interior lighting options and makes it elegant and modern in any application. 

The VBD-CH-RF7-2 Aluminum Channels are designed for downlighting applications, such as working lights and recessed ceiling installations. Made of high-quality aluminum, this LED extrusion comes with a polycarbonate (PC) frosted diffuser that helps reduce light glare and provides protection from dust and damage to the LEDs. The channel dimensions are 2000mm x 90mm x 32.18mm (78.7in x 3.54in x 1.26in) and it can be easily cut to fit your desired length.

The LED channel features a simple design with a good-quality finish, making it a perfect choice for modern and elegant applications. It comes with a frosted diffuser and end caps that give a good surface finish to the recessed channel. The aluminum fins at the base act as a good coolant, providing the best heat dissipation to the strip lights. The channel is suitable for high-power strip lights and is perfect for task lighting.


  • Designed for downlighting applications like working lights and recessed ceiling installations
  • Made of high-quality aluminum and comes with a polycarbonate (PC) frosted diffuser for reduced light glare and protection from dust and damage to LEDs
  • Simple design with a good quality finish for modern and elegant applications
  • Aluminum fins at the base act as a good coolant and provide the best heat dissipation to strip lights
  • Suitable for high power strip lights and perfect for task lighting
  • Acts as a heat sink for installed LED strip, increasing the lifetime of the LEDs
  • Several lengths can be positioned together for versatile applications
  • End caps easily mounted for a clean and finished look
  • Can also be used as a working light in work areas through recessed installations
  • Provides versatile interior lighting options with desired color temperature LED strips.

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