24cm(9.4inch) Great Wall DIP LED Strip FS-GW-Blue-12, 12V 0.19(w/ft) Blue


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Product Description 

Model FS-GW-Blue-12
Wattage 0.6W Per meter (0.19 W/ft)
Output Voltage 12V DC
LED Qty 24 LEDs per meter
Dimmable: Yes
Color Temperature Blue
Waterproof Rating IP65 [Waterproof]
Dimensions 240mm x 13mm x 6.7mm
(9.4in x 0.51in x 0.26in)



  • The strips are very popular in the automobile industry for headlights, taillights, and similar applications.
  • The lights are 100% waterproof. thereby providing various outdoor lighting applications
  • Such as landscape lighting, vehicles, boats, marine lighting, and many more indoor or outdoor applications.
  • This super-flexible, waterproof LED strip light operates on 12 VDC. Using 5-mm through-hole LEDs
  • The 3.2inch side-emitting LED light strips are completely encapsulated in rubber.
  • They can be easily cut into separate 3-LED segments, and bents to different shapes up to a 0.25-inch radius.

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