T-62 MR16 Recessed LED Light Fixture, 3 inch Square Nickel Chrome

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Product Description

Product LED Downlight / Ceiling Light
Model  T-62
Trim Color Nickel Chrome
Trim Material Aluminum
Trim Shape Square
Package Content Recessed Trim with frosted glass diffuser including MR16 base
Pivot Trim No
Mounting Plate (Sold Separately): MP-UNV-23345    SKU: 666561433802
MP-UNV-346     SKU:
Outer Diameter 83.90mm (3.3 in) x 83.90mm (3.3 in)
Cut Size 73.45mm (3 inches)
Depth 45.27mm (1.78 inches)


  • This trim (other colors available) comes with a cable. It easily attaches to any MR16 bulb to your new designer quality trim.
  • The glass diffuser decreases the brightness of the lamp and acts as an anti-glare.
  • Widely used by interior designers and people who want to remodel without removing the recessed cans.
  • Contact us for more assistance and to know more about bulk orders
Note: MR16 Bulb is not included, needs to buy separately.

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