8 inch Slim ZEGA LED Module SLM 08-015W-930-120-S3-Z1B, 120V 15W 3000K(Warm White)

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Product Description 

Product LED Module
Model No SLM 08-015W-930-120-S3-Z1B
No of LEDs 40
Wattage 15W
Voltage 120V AC
Luminous Flux 1300 lumens
Color Temperature 3000K (Warm White)
Rendering Index CRI>90
Power Source AC
Dimmable Yes
Base Material Aluminum
Package Components  LED Module
Thermal Silicon Pad
6inch Black and White power feed
Dimensions 203.0mm (8 inch) x 25.0 mm (1 inch)
Diameter of the screw hole 3.5mm (0.13 in)
Height 6mm (0.23in)

The 8-inch Slim LED Module Driverless Engine SLM 08-015W-930-120-S3-Z1B is a high-performance LED lighting solution that is both energy-efficient and durable. This LED module contains a total of 40 LED bulbs, which provide a powerful luminous flux of 1300 lumens while consuming only 15W of power. The model number for this module is SLM 08-015W-930-120-S3-Z1B, and it operates on a 120V AC power source.

The color temperature of this LED module is 3000K, which gives off a warm white light that is ideal for various applications, including indoor and outdoor lighting. The high color rendering index (CRI) of over 90 ensures that colors are rendered accurately and vividly.

The module is designed to be dimmable, which allows the user to adjust the brightness of the light according to their preference. It features a durable base material made of aluminum, which ensures efficient heat dissipation and longevity.

The dimensions of this module are 203.0mm (8 inches) in length and 25.0mm (1 inch) in height. It has screw holes with a diameter of 3.5mm (0.13 inches), which are spaced apart at a distance of 128mm (5 inches). The package includes a thermal silicon pad and a 6-inch black and white power feed, which makes installation easier and more convenient.

This LED module has been certified by ETL, ensuring that it meets safety standards and has been tested for electrical safety. Whether you're looking to light up your home, office, or commercial space, the SLM 08-015W-930-120-S3-Z1B LED module is an excellent choice that offers high performance, energy efficiency, and durability.


  • Contains 40 LED bulbs for powerful luminous flux of 1300 lumens
  • Consumes only 15W of power
  • Model number: SLM 08-015W-930-120-S3-Z1B
  • Operates on 120V AC power source
  • Color temperature: 3000K for warm white light
  • High color rendering index (CRI) of over 90 for accurate color rendering
  • Dimmable design for adjustable brightness
  • Durable aluminum base material for efficient heat dissipation and longevity
  • Dimensions: 203.0mm (8 inches) in length, 25.0mm (1 inch) in height
  • Screw holes with 3.5mm (0.13 inches) diameter spaced at 128mm (5 inches)
  • Package includes thermal silicon pad and 6-inch black and white power feed for easy installation
  • Certified by ETL for safety and electrical safety standards
  • Ideal for various applications including indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • A premier quality light engine. It produces up to 1300 lumens of exceptional light.
  • Low power consumption, high energy efficiency.
  • It is a good DIY product for the replacement of a ceiling light/ Bulb source.
  • Apply Thermal Silicon Pad evenly on the bottom of the light source and the contact surface of the heat sink when installation.

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