Antron Constant Current LED Driver AC700S42D, 0-10V Dimming 700mA 35-60V 42W


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Product Description  

Product Constant Current LED Driver
Model AC700S42D
Input Voltage  120-277V
Input Current  0.44A-0.19A
Output Voltage 35-60VDC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Current 700mA
Output Power 42W Max.
Dimmable Yes (0-10V Dimming)
Waterproof No (Damp locations only)
Dimensions 132.45 × 62.82 × 29.50mm (5.21 x 2.47 x 1.16 in)
Class Certification Class 2 
Starting Temperature -40°C



Constant current dimmable LED drivers are used for LED lights that require a fixed output current as well as a variety of output voltages. AC700S42D Dimming LED Constant Current Driver (Constant Current Power Supply) Suitable for lighting with 700mA output regulated current. This class 2 constant current driver has Input Voltage of 120-277V AC, can produce 35-60V DC output voltage and 42W of output power. It is suitable for operation with main supply dimmer and also suitable for dry and damp locations. 

Wiring Diagram:

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