PAC1250S30DL Constant Current Programmable LED Driver with Custom Output Current 350-1250mA 15-55V 30W max


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Product Description

Product Constant Current Programmable LED Driver
Model PAC1250S30DL
Input Voltage 120-277V AC
Input Current 0.3A-0.13A
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 15-55V
Output Power 30W max
Output regulated Current Range 350-1250mA (Custom Output Current)
Dimmable 3 in 1 Dimming ( PWM, 1-10V, Resistance)
IP Rating IP20
Dimensions 15.87 × 4.4 × 3.24 cm (6.24 x 1.7 x 1.27in)
Class Certification Class 2 


  • It perfectly matches the LED lighting load and maximizes its performance with a single driver.
  • The programmable option allows you to create your custom output current for your desired LED lightings.
  • We can customize the desired output current for your driver to avoid the hassle of buying the programming wand or downloading the software. Contact us for more information.
  • Customized current (power) options with 3 in 1 Dimming ( PWM, 1-10V, Resistance, Dim to 1%, 10%, OFF)
  • Open/Short/Over-Voltage/Over Temp protection.
  • Universal input voltage 120-277 VAC
  • Applicable for dry and damp locations

Note: Provide the desired output current in the notes while placing the order. The desired output current should be in the rated range of the driver.

Constant current dimmable LED drivers are used for LED lights that require a fixed output current as well as a variety of output voltages. PAC1250S30DL Dimming LED Constant Current Driver (Constant Current Power Supply) Suitable for lighting with programmable current from 350-1250mA output regulated current. This constant current driver has Input Voltage of 120-277V AC, can produce 15-55V DC output voltage and 30W of output power. It is suitable for operation with main supply dimmer and also suitable for dry and damp locations. 

Wiring Diagram:

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