BXRA-56C1600-B Constant Current COB LED Module, 500mA 14.8W 5600K(Cool White)

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Product Description

Product Constant Current LED Module
Model BXRA-56C1600-B
Brand Bridgelux
Voltage Range 22.6-32.6V
Typical Voltage 29.6V
Power 14.8W
Luminous Flux 1725-1920 lumens
Efficacy 128 Lm/W
Color Temperature 5600K (Cool White)
Rendering Index CRI>70
Dimmable Yes
Junction temperature (Tj) 25ºC
Operating Case Temperature Max Range (Tc) 105°C
Material Metallic base
Soldering Temperature 350ºC
Thermal Grease We will include thermal grease to cover the quantity of LED modules ordered.
Dimensions 22.30 x 25.40 x 1.5mm (0.875 x 1 x 0.05in)


The BXRA-56C1600-B Constant Current COB LED Module is a high-quality lighting component produced by the renowned brand Bridgelux. This LED module operates at a current of 500mA, with a voltage range of 22.6-32.6V and a typical voltage of 29.6V. It has a power output of 14.8W, making it a powerful lighting source.

This LED module uses Chip-on-Board (COB) technology, which provides high-quality, uniform, and consistent light with pixelation technology. It has a luminous flux output of 1725-1920 lumens and an efficacy of 128 Lm/W, making it an energy-efficient lighting option.

The color temperature of this LED module is 5600K (Cool White), which produces a bright and crisp light that is ideal for various lighting applications. It has a rendering index of CRI>70, which ensures that the colors appear natural and vibrant.


  • High-quality lighting component produced by Bridgelux
  • Current of 500mA and voltage range of 22.6-32.6V
  • Power output of 14.8W
  • Uses Chip-on-Board (COB) technology for high-quality, uniform, and consistent light with pixelation technology
  • Luminous flux output of 1725-1920 lumens and efficacy of 128 Lm/W
  • Color temperature of 5600K (Cool White) with a rendering index of CRI>70
  • Dimmable for greater control over the lighting output
  • Junction temperature of 25ºC and operating case temperature max range of 105°C for optimal performance and longevity
  • Metallic material construction with dimensions of 22.30 x 25.40 mm (0.875 x 1 in)
  • Package content includes the LED module and Thermal Grease HY510 (5gr)
  • Good DIY product for replacing damaged LEDs of any fixture with the same voltage and wattage
  • Energy-efficient, reliable, and versatile lighting solution.
  • Use Thermal Grease or Thermal Pad for installation.

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