BXRA-27G1200-B Constant Current COB LED Module, 500mA 15W 2700K(Soft White)


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Product Description

Model BXRA-27G1200-B
Brand Bridgelux
Voltage 26.3-32.2V
Typical Voltage 29.3V
Power 14.7W (∼15V)
Luminous Flux 1040-1200 lumens
Typical Efficacy 81 lm/W
Color Temperature 2700K (Soft White)
Rendering Index CRI>90
Dimmable Yes
Junction temperature (Tj) 25ºC
Case Temperature (Tc) 85ºC
Material Metallic base
Soldering Temperature 350ºC
Dimensions 22.30 x 25.40 mm (0.87 x 1 in)
Package content LED Module
Thermal Grease HY510 (5gr)


  • Low power consumption, high energy efficiency.
  • Bridgelux recommends a maximum duty cycle of 10% when operating LED Arrays at the maximum peak pulsed current specified.
  • It has a high-quality, uniform consistent light with pixelation technology.
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are not designed to be driven in reverse voltage
  • It is a good DIY product for replacing the damaged LED of any fixture of the same voltage and wattage.
  • Low heat generation and energy-efficient as compared to other incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps.
  • Use Thermal Grease or Thermal Pad for installation.

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