LI-TECH Constant Current Power Supply 220mA, 46-54V, Max 12W

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Product Description 

Product Constant Current LED Driver
Model HT-EAD4
Input Voltage 120V AC
Frequency 60 Hz
Output Regulated Current 220mA
Output Power 12W
Output Voltage 46-54V DC
Wire Size 11cm (4.3in)
with HRB M5601 connector
Dimmable  Yes
Dimensions Ø 64mm (2.5in)
H 27mm (1in)


The HT-EAD4 Constant Current LED Driver by LI-TECH is a cutting-edge solution for powering LED lighting systems with precision and efficiency. This robust and reliable LED driver is specifically designed to meet the demands of modern lighting applications, ensuring optimal performance for your illumination needs.

Operating seamlessly on a standard 120V AC input voltage and at a frequency of 60 Hz, the HT-EAD4 establishes a stable power supply foundation for LED setups. With a regulated output current of 220mA, this LED driver provides a constant flow of energy to your LEDs, promoting consistent and flicker-free illumination. The output power of 12 watts enables efficient energy utilization, making it an eco-friendly choice for various lighting environments.

The HT-EAD4 also offers versatility with a dimmable feature, allowing users to adjust the light intensity according to their preferences and requirements. Its output voltage range of 46-54V DC ensures compatibility with a wide array of LED configurations, providing flexibility in lighting design.


  • The HT-EAD4 by LI-TECH delivers precision and efficiency for LED systems.
  • Designed for modern lighting applications, it ensures reliable and optimal performance.
  • Operates seamlessly on 120V AC with a stable 60Hz frequency for consistent LED performance.
  • Maintains a constant 220mA output for uniform, flicker-free illumination.
  • With 12 watts output power, it promotes eco-friendly energy utilization.
  • Offers flexibility with a dimmable feature for customizable light intensity.
  • Output voltage range of 46-54V DC accommodates various LED configurations.

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