SEBCO 4-56-0050L00M Autotransformer from 277V to 110V, 50W

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Product Description

Product Light Autotransformers (Converter)
Model 4-56-0050L00M
Input Voltage 277V AC
Output Voltage 110V AC
Wattage 50W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Wire Size Length: 350mm (13.7in)
4 x 18AWG
ORG: 277V
BLK: 115V
Dimensions 50 x 59 x 52mm (2 x 2.3 x 2in)


The SEBCO 4-56-0050L00M Autotransformer efficiently converts 277V AC input voltage to 110V AC output voltage, delivering 50W of power at a frequency of 50/60Hz. Its wire size includes 18AWG orange wire (350mm length) for connection to 277V, black wire for 110V, and white wire for 0V. This transformer is designed for lighting applications, ensuring reliable voltage conversion. It works by utilizing electromagnetic induction to transfer power between its primary and secondary windings, stepping down the voltage while maintaining power consistency for compatible devices.


  • Efficiently converts 277V AC input to 110V AC output
  • Delivers 50W power at 50/60Hz frequency
  • Wire sizes: 18AWG orange for 277V, black for 110V, white for 0V
  • Designed for lighting applications, ensuring reliable voltage conversion
  • Utilizes electromagnetic induction for power transfer
  • Steps down voltage while maintaining power consistency


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