SMT-024-012VW Smart Non-Dimmable LED Driver, 24V 0.5A 12W

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Product Description

Model SMT-024-012VW
Input voltage 100-265V AC
Output Voltage 24V DC
Output Current 0.5A
Output Power 12W
Dimmable No 
Waterproof Yes
IP Rating  IP67 (Dry, Damp, and Wet Locations)
Dimensions 49 x 29.3 x 20mm (1.9 x 1.1 x 0.7in)
 Suitable for dry, damp, and wet locations


The SMT-024-012VW is a versatile power supply model designed to provide reliable and efficient voltage conversion for LED lighting applications. With an input voltage range of 100-265V AC, it can accommodate a wide variety of electrical systems commonly found in homes and commercial environments. This power supply offers a stable 24V DC output voltage, which is suitable for powering LED lighting systems. The 0.5A output current and 12W output power ensure ample power delivery for various lighting configurations.

One notable feature of the SMT-024-012VW is its waterproof design, making it suitable for both  and outdoor use. It is equipped with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating that ensures protection against dust and moisture, allowing it to withstand different environmental conditions. Additionally, this power supply is characterized by high efficiency, which not only saves energy but also contributes to a protected environment. Its high stability and low ripple help increase the efficiency of connected LED lights and reduce light attenuation over time. Furthermore, the SMT-024-012VW adheres to safety standards and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) requirements, ensuring the safety and performance of LED lighting systems. With integral protection features against overloading, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and over-temperature conditions, this power supply offers reliable and long-lasting LED stability and light efficiency. Cooling is achieved through free air convection, and the unit undergoes a 100% full-load burn-in test to ensure its robust performance and reliability in various applications.


  • Versatile power supply model for LED lighting applications
  • Wide input voltage range (100-265V AC) for compatibility in various settings
  • Provides a stable 24V DC output voltage, ideal for powering LED lighting systems
  • Offers 0.5A output current and 12W output power, suitable for diverse lighting setups
  • Waterproof design with an IP rating for indoor and outdoor use
  • High efficiency for energy savings and a more eco-friendly operation
  • Ensures stable LED performance with low ripple and reduced light attenuation
  • Complies with safety standards and EMC requirements for enhanced performance
  • Integral protection features against overloading, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits
  • Cooling via free air convection and undergoes a rigorous 100% full-load burn-in test for reliability.

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