SR-SPI-OLED(WiFi) DMX LED Light Receiver with SR-2858Z4 Remote Controller, 5-24V DC

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Product Description

Model SR-SPI-OLED(WiFi)+SR-2858Z4
Input Voltage DC5V / DC12-24V
Input Current 0.2A Max. 
Input Signal RF/WiFi + DMX512
Output Signal SPI
Radio frequency 869.5/916.5/434MHz
DMX Decoding Channels 512 Channels
Driving Pixels Max. 1020
Package content SR-SPI-0LED(WiFi)
App <<Download Manual>>

Dimensions 170 x 53.4 x 28mm (6.6 x 2.1 x 1.1in)


The SR-SPI-OLED(WiFi) LED pixel controller, combined with the SR-2858Z4 DMX LED Light Receiver, for a comprehensive lighting control solution. This package offers seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and precise control, enhancing your LED lighting experience.

The SR-SPI-OLED(WiFi) is a smart LED pixel controller designed to effortlessly manage digital IC RGB/RGBW LED strip lights using advanced SPI signal technology. Its OLED backlit panel not only adds a touch of sophistication but also facilitates intuitive configuration of settings, ensuring you have complete control at your fingertips. The controller's compact dimensions, measuring 170 x 53.4 x 28mm (6.6 x 2.1 x 1.1in), guarantee easy integration into a wide range of setups.

With a versatile input voltage range of DC5V to DC12-24V and an input current of 0.2A Max, the SR-SPI-OLED(WiFi) caters to various power sources and consumption needs. It's equipped to handle both RF/WiFi and DMX512 input signals, providing you with the flexibility to choose your preferred control method. The included radio frequency options of 869.5/916.5/434MHz ensure reliable and efficient communication.


  • Integrate SR-SPI-OLED(WiFi) controller with SR-2858Z4 LED Light Receiver for advanced LED control.
  • Manage RGB/RGBW LED strip lights effortlessly with SPI technology and OLED panel.
  • Controller fits various setups with dimensions of 170 x 53.4 x 28mm.
  • Supports DC5V to DC12-24V input voltage, up to 0.2A Max input current.
  • RF/WiFi and DMX512 input signals, with multiple RF frequency options.
  • Drive up to 1020 pixels, compatible with 38 driving IC types.
  • Configure pixel quantity, IC type, and 7 RGB/RGBW color order options.
  • Access 35 dynamic color sequences through RF remotes or dedicated apps.
  • Switch to DMX mode, support up to 512 decoding channels, easy DMX address configuration via OLED display.

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