Touch sensor switch ON/OFF + dimming + memory function

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Product Description

Voltage 12~24V DC
Output Current 6A Max
Usage Single Color
Dimensions 43 x 10mm(1.7 x 0.4in)
Spring Height  21mm (0.82in)



  • Touch switch ON/OFF + dimming + memory function
  • Originally "off" when the power is connected.
  • Quick touch (time is less than 550ms) can turn ON/OFF the light. One touch to turn on, touch again to turn off. The lamp is 90% bright when it is on.
  • Hold on touching (time is above 550ms) can adjust the brightness endlessly. It will reduce the brightness endlessly to the minimum in 3 seconds holding on when the light is on. it will increase the brightness endlessly to 100% in 3 seconds holding on when the light is off. 
  • Quick touch and hold on touching can be chosen anytime without any collision.
  • This sensor will memorize the status of the dimming in DC 12V-24V. 

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