VEROBOARD Flexible PMMA LED Profile Paver Lighting for LED Strips 5Meter(16.4ft) VBD-CH-B2


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Veroboard Flexible PMMA Fixture Profile Paver Lighting are popular for garden lighting, swimming pool, curve applications, indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, with your desired color temperature LED strips, this linear LED profile provides versatile interior lighting options and makes it elegant and modern in any application.

Product Description 

Model VBD-CH-B2
Material PMMA (Flexible)
Fixture color Finish White
Package content

5 meter Flex channel 
1 pair of Endcaps (with and without holes)
2 pieces of Mounting Brackets with mounting screws

Dimensions 5000mm x 8.72mm x 20mm
(196.8in x 0.34in x 0.78in)
  • Mount using Mounting Clips
Accessories (Sold Separately) 2 pairs Endcaps VBD-ENCH-B2 SKU:666561426705
6 pcs Mounting Clips VBD-CLCH-B2 SKU:666561429041



  • Includes end caps and mounting clips
  • Applicable for both linear and non-linear installations, including curved surfaces.
  • The Product can be easily cut using a regular hack saw.
  • Acts as a heat sink for the LED Strip installed in it.
  • The diffuser helps in reducing light glaring and also gives protection from dust and avoid any kind of damage to the LEDs.
  • Some popular applications include garden lighting, swimming pool lighting, etc.
  • Brackets help in the easy installation of the channel.

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