VEROBOARD Multi Floor Transition Aluminum Channel for LED Strips 1Meter(3.2ft) VBD-CH-W4 (Walkway/Floor)


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VEROBOARD VBD-CH-W4 (Walkway/Floor) Multi Floor Transition (Walkway/Floor) Aluminum Channels are popular for the transition of an adjoining surface that lies in the same height and Lighting the area at the same time. Moreover, with your desired color temperature LED strips, this linear LED profile provides versatile interior lighting options and makes it elegant and modern in any application.

Product Description 

Model VBD-CH-W4 (Walkway/Floor)
Material Aluminum
Diffuser Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Fixture color Finish Silver Grey Color
Package content

1 meter Aluminum channel with frosted Diffuser (lens)

Dimensions 1000mm x 57.74mm x 10.18mm
(39.3in x 2.27in x 0.40in)
  • Inground Mounting



  • It comes in different styles, We also carry a floor carpet to carpet channel, and carpet to carpet channel with base connection channel. Choose the right transition channel for your floor depending upon your needs.
  • It can be easily cut using a regular hacksaw.
  • A perfect channel for joining two uneven floor surfaces.
  • Acts as a heat sink for the LED Strip installed in it, increasing the lifetime of the LEDs.
  • The channel can be easily mounted on the floor using any high strength double-sided tape.
  • It provides slip resistance to the floor and can withstand high load.
  • Easy for installation through double-sided tape without the need for any fasteners and screws.
  • It comes with a high-quality frosted diffuser.
  • Simple design with a good quality finish.
  • Helps in reducing light glaring and also gives protection from dust and avoid any kind of damage to the LEDs.
  • Lightweight and environment-friendly channel.
  • Material aluminum being corrosion free can be used even for outdoor purpose with waterproof strip lights (IP 66 and higher rating) the ends should be tightly sealed to avoid getting in contact with water.

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